A Dogwood-Planting Ceremony Held to Commemorate AIU’s 10th Anniversary

A Dogwood-Planting Ceremony was held on May 9 to celebrate and commemorate the 10th anniversary of AIU. The three young dogwood trees for the ceremony were among the 3,000 trees presented to Japan by “Friendship Blossoms – Dogwood Tree Initiative”  as a reciprocal gift, which will have been dispersed throughout Japan by the end of 2015. A extraordinary music performance by the Wind Orchestra of Akita Minami High School added grace to the ceremony.

“Friendship Blossoms – Dogwood Tree Initiative” is a collaborative public-private partnership established in 2012 between the Government of the United States of America and the U.S. In the same year, this U.S-Japan bridging foundation celebrated the centennial anniversary of Japan’s historic gift of 3,000 cherry trees to America.

Akita America Japan Society, which shares the 10th anniversary with AIU, received the trees, and chose AIU as the place for the rest of the trees’ life.

On the same day, Mr. Mark Davidson, Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs at U.S. Embassy in Japan was invited for a special lecture titled “Building a 21st Century East Asia Partnership: the United States, Japan, and the Role of Education.”

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<Snapshots from the Special Lecture>