Residence Hall and Student Housing

Why live in the student dormitory (Komachi Hall)?

All new students at AIU live on campus in the Komachi hall for their first year. Of course, some of you may wonder why you should stay in a student dormitory in this day and age. At AIU, we believe that dormitory life is an important part of international liberal arts education. In the Komachi hall, students from all over Japan live together with students from all over the world. We understand that communal life will sometimes feel a little bit cramped. However, living with your peers under one roof will build socializing skills and resilience. Whenever you encounter difficulty, you will learn ways to resolve your issues with the help of your peers and members of the university staff. This problem-solving ability is the answer to the question “Why live in the Komachi Hall?” This is an essential quality of the “individuals who play an active role on the world stage” that AIU aims to produce.

Komachi Hall


Number of rooms184 rooms *1 handicapped-accessible rooms
(In principle, rooms are shared by two people, including one handicapped-accessible room.)
Layoutabout 14 m2 (7.5 jo per shared room)
Housing fees20,000yen/month (230,000yen/year)
spring semester ¥100,000 fall semester ¥130,000
Meals28,800yen/month (230,400yen/year)
Meal costs for the spring and fall semesters. This does not include meals for Golden Week, summer vacation (August), 2days for AIU Festival, or winter vacation (January–March).

Student Housing

Besides the Komachi Hall, AIU also has student apartments, Global Village, University Village, and Sakura Village on campus.These are for students who have left the dormitory, short-term exchange students, and regular students who have returned from studying abroad. *When the number of applicants exceeds the number of rooms available, selection will be made by drawing lots.


University Village

Number of rooms79 rooms
(In principle, rooms are shared by two people.)
Layout26.90 m2 (1K + 10 jo)
Housing Fees19,000yen/month (per person)
*Utility costs charged separately

Global Village

Number of rooms196 rooms
(100 single rooms *4 handicapped-accessible rooms and 92 double rooms)
LayoutSingle/accessible: 19.87 m2 (1K + 5.2 jo)
Double: 26.08m2 (1K + 7.5 jo)
Housing FeesSingle: 36,000yen/month
Double: 20,000yen/month (per person)
*Utility costs charged separately

Sakura Village

Number of rooms105 rooms
*2 handicapped-accessible rooms
Layout55.48 m2 (1DK + 5.3 jo×3 rooms)
Housing Fees36,000 yen/month (per person)
*Utility costs charged separately

*The fees outlined here for the Komachi Hall and student apartments are applicable as of April 2015. The fees may be subject to change. * Komachi Hall and the student housing have Internet connections available.

Residential Assistants (RA)

To help you get used to communal living, there are Residential Assistants (RAs) living in the AIU Hausing. The RAs are senior students who have already spent a year in the Komachi Hall and can act as role models for new students. The RAs work in collaboration with the dormitory to help create a healthy and enjoyable living environment.