Campus Life

Work & Re-entry Permit

Work Permit

International students are allowed to have part-time job only on AIU campus without obtaining an official Work Permit. Those who wish to have a part-time job outside the AIU campus must obtain a work permit at the airport of entry on arrival or the immigration office in Akita City. The work permit is valid while you are enrolled in AIU, which means that working in Japan before or after your enrollment at AIU is illegal.

Immigration laws limit the maximum number of working hours for non degree-seeking international students to 28 hours per week. AIU occasionally offers job opportunities such as teaching English at local schools as part of international exchanges, but these opportunities will be very limited. Please assume you will not be working while studying at AIU and plan your finances accordingly.

Re-entry Permit

If you temporarily depart from Japan, be sure to present your residence card with an “Embarkation/Disembarkation Card for Reentrant” (called ‘ED Card’), making sure to mark the box indicating ‘Departure with Special Re-entry Permission’ on the ED Card to an immigration inspector at the international airport. You should notify the immigration inspector of your intent to depart using the special re-entry permit system. Upon submission of the ED Card, an approval stamp will be placed in your passport.

You can get an ED Card at the tables located by the immigration (passport control counter) after going through the security check.

Detailed information about the new re-entry permit system is available at the Immigration Bureau of Japan webpage.


  • If you do not depart from Japan on the special re-entry permit, you will no longer be a resident of Akita, and your national health insurance and pension plan will be cancelled automatically. You can take your residence card with you but your residence card will have a hole punched in it by the immigration inspector which means your residence card is no longer valid.
  • If you have a single-entry student visa, you will lose your resident status and will have to obtain a student visa all over again.
  • If you have a valid multiple-entry student visa, you can still re-enter Japan under the student visa but you will have to register your place of residence again in order to obtain a valid residence card and to join the national health insurance and pension plan.