Degree Programs

Tuition & Fees

Matriculation fee (First year only) Akita Prefecture students: 282,000 yen
Other students: 423,000 yen
Tuition (annually) 696,000 yen

Matriculation fee + tuition : 1,119,000 yen (Students from Akita Prefecture: 978,000 yen)

Question :

How much will the first year of school cost except matriculation fee?

Answer :

Approximately 750,000 yen.

Breakdown of Expenses

Housing : 463,400 yen

Following are included in the housing fee:

  • 11.5 months of residence fee
  • 8 months of board (3 meals/day) excluding Golden Week and winter/summer breaks.
  • Cleaning fee (at year end)
  • Utilities/Heating/AC
Other : approx. 280,000 yen

Miscellaneous fee for matriculation

  • Student activity fee: 39,000 yen (covers entire school days, excluding 1 year abroad)
  • Parent/Guardian Association dues: 20,000 yen (covers 4 years)
  • Alumni Association dues: 20,000 yen (lifetime membership)
  • Insurance: 4,660 yen
  • Miscellaneous fee: 4,000 yen (includes participation fees for reception, vaccinations, etc.)

Textbooks and English test

  • Textbooks: approx. 50,000 to 70,000 yen/semester
  • English test: approx. 50,000 yen

Tuition Waiver

AIU has a tuition waiver program for students who encounter difficulties affording tuition fees because of financial situations, natural disasters, etc.

Tuition while Study abroad

For tuition while study abroad, please refer to this page (Japanese Only).

Scholarship Donation

AIU warmly encourages contributions to the Student Scholarship Fund as part of its goal to support its students and study abroad students, as well as to support academic activities on campus. Those wishing to make a contribution are welcome to contact the office at the details given below. Contributions count toward the University Corporation and are tax deductible.