AIU’s Educational Philosophy

In today’s trend of globalization, all kinds of exchange are occurring across borders, it is important for people all over the world to recognize and accept each other’s values and views of the world and work together toward solving problems facing the world while also developing their own future. Since its inception in 2004, AIU has embraced a new educational philosophy of “International Liberal Arts” and a mission to contribute to the international and local community. Our institution has cultivated individuals with practical abilities, including superb communication skills in English and other foreign languages, and a strong background in liberal arts and global perspectives.

Message from President

Norihiko SUZUKI
Norihiko SUZUKI, DBA
President / Chair of the Board of Trustees
Akita International University

Akita International University marked its 10th anniversary since its establishment in 2004. With the goal of cultivating global human resources, our university has progressed, advocating an innovative educational philosophy consisting of an “International Liberal Arts” education. And we have further created an even more challenging goal. To “cultivate future global leaders.”Advances in information and communication technologies enable us to connect with people across the world. In a society that allows an individual to build a relationship with the entire world, it becomes increasingly important for individuals to establish their individual identities.

By being self-motivated learners, students can ask themselves questions, such as “What is my identity as an individual?” and “Who am I?” In order to answer these rather philosophical questions and reach self-actualization, universities must be “learning-centered” rather than “teaching-centered.” In our increasingly globalized society, it is essential for higher education institutions to produce global human resources. I trust AIU will be a driving force in this endeavor, especially in terms of producing individuals capable of playing leadership roles in international settings.