Enhancement of Students’ Self-and Active-Learning

Active Learning and Assessment Center

Active Learning and Assessment Center

Active Learning and Assessment Center

From Teaching-Centered to Learning-Centered

So far AIU has provided assistance with foreign language learning at LDIC and one-on-one instruction at AAC (Academic Achievement Center). In addition, the ACSC (Academic Career Support Center) was created to provide support for students aiming to pursue further studies at our graduate school. Collectively called “Active Learning Support Center,” the three centers support students in their self- and active learning, playing a role in shifting our university from a teaching-centered to a learning-centered environment.

Active Learning and Assessment Center

Academic Career Support Center Languge Development and Intercultural Studies Center Academic Achievement Center

AAC: Academic Achievement Center

Support for Self-learning

Teaching Assistants (graduate students) and Peer Tutors (undergraduate students) who have completed training by faculty coordinators offer private tutoring in fundamental English, mathematics and Japanese language subjects (for international students). Teaching Assistants also provide assistance with academic writing to further improve students’ English communication skills.

LDIC: Languge Development and Intercultural Studies Center

Improve Communication Skills to an Advanced Level and Provide Support for Learning Multiple Languages

In order to provide support for students’ self- and active learning in foreign languages, LDIC (Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center) offers a wide variety of learning materials in many different languages, an open space, and individual and group study rooms. In addition to the services that have been provided so far, LDIC now offers opportunities to learn advanced subjects related to English language teaching, such as debate, presentations and negotiation.

ACSC: Academic Career Support Center

Support for Proceeding to Graduate School

The ACSC provides information on graduate schools in Japan, abroad and also offers guidance on how to prepare for postgraduate entrance exams such as the GRE and GMAT. Furthermore, the center analyzes data regarding the educational effects of universities.