Intensive Course by Overseas Lecturer – Global Democracy


Course name: ” Global Democracy”
Instructor/Affiliation: Dr. Yves SCHEMEIL/Professor of Political Science and International Relations (Global and Comparative Politics), Institut d’Études Politiques, (France)
Dates: April 15-28, 2016
Code:  GSP326  Syllabus

Professor Yves Schemeil is a professor leading the innovative teaching at Sciences Po Grenoble and the Emeritus Professor of Political Science, the University of Grenoble (1997-2015). He visited countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Lebanon, and France and taught in several programs at master’s and doctorate levels. In the intensive course at AIU, he taught the students how international organizations, such as the United Nations and World Trade Organization, attempt to reach a consensus on an institutional system of global democracy, and how the democracy has an important influence upon our lives. By providing a lot of opportunities to have discussions, he helped the students engaged with the topic well.


The Students’ comments included: ‘the professor was really nice to talk to, so I could ask questions to him in every class’; ‘it is a really good opportunity to take such a wonderful course which is rarely available in Japan’: and ‘I broadened my perspectives for my future career.’ Many of the students appreciated the way Dr. Yves was attentive to students’ questions in the class. We hope the AIU’s Invited Lectures Series will continue offering such inspiring courses in the future.

(Article contributed by Ryo Tomita, Senior, Student at Global Studies Program)

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