Intensive Course by Overseas Lecturer – Approaching the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong


Course name: ”Approaching the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong”
Instructor/Affiliation: Dr. Wai-Kwok Benson WONG / Assistant Professor, Department of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
Dates: May 16-20, 2016
Code:  GSP362| Syllabus

The course was offered by Dr. Wai-Kwok Benson Wong and he is specialized in comparative politics and does research into the relationship between national identities, social movements, and education.

Umbrella movement was a recent protest by young people in Hong Kong against the Chinese government to realize democratic election. The course examined the Movement focusing on the factors, developments and impacts on Hong Kong and Chinese politics. The lectures started with the introduction to politics and social protests in Hong Kong, and moved onto examining the influence of Chinese politics and youth activism. The course concluded with exploring the aspect that the Movement formed an artistic expression, as depicted in the media, through drawing, slogans, graffiti or installation art.

The students commented it was intriguing to learn the theoretical perspective of the Movement and became interested in learning more about comparative perspectives of various social movements. Dr. Benson enjoyed working with the students and wish that they would experience studying at Hong Kong Baptist University.

This intensive lecture was funded and organized by the Global Human Resource Development Project at AIU.

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