Intensive Course by Overseas Lecturer – Energy Policy


Course name: “Energy Policy”
Instructor/Affiliation: Dr. Jennifer SKLAREW/Senior Fellow for Energy Policy, Center for Energy Science and Policy, George Mason University (USA)
Dates: November 28- December 2, 2016
Code: GSP365 Syllabus


The course was offered by Dr. Jennifer Sklarew, who is an expert in energy policy especially in the field of electricity. She worked on U.S.-Japan electricity and gas deregulation as an international trade specialist in the US Department of Commerce’s Office of Japan. She also spent time as Mansfield Fellow in the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), and Cabinet Office. She has worked as a policy analyst in both the public and private sectors as well as in academia.

Energy policy making is becoming a pressing issue around the world, and Japan is not an exception. Especially after the nuclear power plant incident in Fukushima, the technology and policy issues for sustainable energy have gained much interest in Japan. The course aimed at gaining an understanding of energy policy making from the perspectives of 3E’s (energy security, environment, and economics) and Dr. Sklarew’s framework of 3P’s (priorities, politics, and process), and how they impact cooperation among sectors domestically and internationally.


Several students commented that investigating and sharing country cases were useful to gain a comparative perspective. One student said she would be working in a government organization that deals with natural resources after graduation; hence the knowledge gained from the course was useful. Dr. Sklarew said students worked hard by reviewing materials and joining the class discussions actively. She also enjoyed research exchange with some AIU faculty members and hopes for future collaboration.

This intensive lecture was funded and organized by the Global Human Resource Development Project at AIU.

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