Intensive Course by Overseas Lecturer – Anti-Americanism: Impact and Policy Implications


Course name: “Anti-Americanism: Impact and Policy Implications”
Instructor/Affiliation: Dr. Monti DATTA/University of Richmond (USA)
Dates: February 6- February 10, 2017
Code: GSP366 Syllabus


It is quite difficult to find a simple definition of ‘Anti-Americanism.’ Globalization has rapidly increased complexities of international relations, and countries have developed varied feelings toward the United States for several decades. I feel there should be various perspectives on the meaning of Anti-Americanism, considering the aspects such as the military intervention, trade, and other foreign affairs. A notable event that Donald Trump, who came under fire for his radical comments and political thoughts, took over the presidency would certainly affect every nation’s attitudes and feelings toward the United States.

The AIU Invited Overseas Lectures Series offered an intensive course, titled “Anti-Americanism: Impact and Policy Implications,” taught by Dr. Monti Datta from the University of Richmond, USA. Through the lecture, we learnt how the United States has affected other countries in the international community and also how it has been placed as a target of criticisms. The students were given lots of opportunities to discuss and debate so that they could deeply and actively understand the topic by arguing and sharing their thoughts.


Many students commented on the lecture that, ‘The great varieties of reading and video materials were very helpful’; ‘it was a good opportunity to attend such a wonderful lecture that is hardly available in Japan’; and ‘it was interesting that there are different perspectives towards the US from every country, religion, and ethnic group.’ Professor Datta left a message to the students, ‘Your participation in civil society is very important. Never repeat the mistake of engaging in war.’

This intensive lecture was funded and organized by the Global Human Resource Development Project at AIU.

(Article contributed by Ryo Tomita, Senior student at Global Studies Program)

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