Intensive Course by Overseas Lecturer – Exploring Regionalism in East Asia


Course name: “Exploring Regionalism in East Asia”
Instructor/Affiliation: Prof. Takanori KITAMURA/Professor of Japanese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Dates: February 20- February 24, 2017
Code: GSP366 Syllabus


‘There is a ‘power shift’ phenomena due to political and economic conditions among East Asian countries. Historic experience tells us that such a change in power balance leads to an instability of a region, so this tendency concerns us in the same way,’ says Prof. Takanori Kitamura. Prof. Kitamura was the instructor for the intensive course, “Exploring Regionalism in East Asia” in February. The course explored the issue of regionalism in East Asia through a comparison with the experience of other political regions such as the European Union. Prof. Kitamura teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and specializes in political economy of East Asian region. He has worked in China, the Philippines, Greece, Hong Kong, and at the United Nations Representatives in New York as in high profile diplomatic capacities such as the Japanese Ambassador and the Consul-General of Japan. In the intensive lecture, students were grouped as several country representatives to discuss ‘How to stop the nuclear expansion of North Korea’ in a model conference format, and explore the upcoming issues in the region.

Prof. Kitamura said that the students were highly motivated and had a lot of knowledge about the issue, and they had a high level of English language skill. Some students reflected the course and said ‘the model conference was interesting, and the experience made us think about the perspectives of other countries’. They also said, ‘Before taking this course, I thought of regional integration only in terms of European region. This course inspired me to focus more on the issue of East Asia and peace-making of this region.’


As a final message, Prof. Kitamura said, ‘Everybody was working very hard and please continue this hard work.’ In order to pursue a global career, he advised students saying, ‘The internet overwhelm us with information, but it is important to learn how to focus and choose important information to expand your capacities for the future.’

This intensive lecture was funded and organized by the Global Human Resource Development Project at AIU.

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