Greeting from the Director

 Director, Institute for Asian Studies and Regional CollaborationYoshitaka Kumagai, Ph.D.

Director, Institute for Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration
Yoshitaka Kumagai, Ph.D.

The Center for Regional Sustainability Initiatives (CRESI) and the Center for East Asia Research (CEAR) have merged into a new organization named “Institute for Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration (IASRC)” as of April 1, 2015, embarking on a new phase in AIU’s commitment to local and regional issues.

IASRC will tackle with Akita’s various issues by conducting research from a broad, multi-dimensional perspective, and will contribute to Akita through research products obtained thereby.

IASRC will pursue the following three missions:

Mission 1. Enrichment of Asian regional studies
Mission 2. Promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration
Mission 3. Outreach through local contribution and policy proposals

IASRC will fully utilize its resources in pursuit of Mission 1 and 2, and apply its outcomes as Mission 3, aiming to provide solutions to various issues that Akita is now facing. This may include, for example, how issues of rural communities in Akita such as depopulation and declining key industries are related to globalization, how to promote local products of Akita in Japan and Asia, how consumers’ preferences in Russia can be linked to the availability of Akita’s local products for export, how elderly care services in Akita can be strengthened by recruiting care workers and nurses from Asian countries, and how Akita’s tourism potential can be linked to the booming overseas travel demand in ASEAN countries. These issues of Akita should be analyzed not only within local frameworks but also from Asian and global perspectives. To that end, it is critical to understand Asia from multidimensional perspectives. By taking advantage of the range of academic and professional disciplines among faculty at AIU and by promoting collaboration with research institutes in Japan and overseas, we will conduct research on Asia from multidisciplinary perspectives. We hope our research activities will make a contribution to the development of Akita. Thank you very much for your understanding and further support.