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T. Toyoda and Y. Takemura (eds), Akita Saké Breweries and Their Stories, 2016
Thanks to the abundance of nature’s blessings colored by the four seasons, Akita has become one of the leading rice production areas in Japan. By turning its good rice into fine sake, Akita established itself as one of the leading sake brewing areas in the 19th century. Sake breweries make an important part of Akita’s culture and society today. Here is an English guidebook in the Kindle format to the stories of thirty-five saké breweries in Akita. Akita Saké Breweries and Their Stories, IASRC, 2016


Alexander Dolin (ed), Autumn Fields: Akita Haiku to the World, 2016
With support of IASRC, Prof. Alexander Dolin published an electronic bilingual anthology of haiku works, including the ones presented at the Japan-Russia International Haiku Contests and other hiaku contests, as well as works by students of Akita International University, Akita National College of Technology, and Meioh Senior High School. The book is available in the PDF formats from the links below.”


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