International Collaboration Project (ICP) is a series of projects that allow students to acquire fundamental abilities that are essential for them to become effective leaders in global society, i.e., negotiation/coordination and analytical skills, adaptability, cooperativeness, etc., through participation in collaborative project-based learning with overseas partner universities, where diverse values and opinions coexist.

With its educational and academic philosophy to teach “International Liberal Arts,” Akita International University has been on a mission to provide its students with excellent English and other foreign-language communications skills, sufficient general education, and global expertise with the aim of developing action-oriented persons who can make contributions to global society as well as to the local communities. The University will begin offering ICP in addition to a variety of existing opportunities through which the students can gain global experiences including a mandatory one-year study overseas, on-campus exchange activities with international students, participation in international conferences and symposiums held at AIU, etc.

ICP consists of two key components, exercise in Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the construction of Faculty Collaboration Arena (FCA). While incorporating PBL into the curriculum of Akita International University, we will also disseminate information on our global initiatives and activities through FCA.

Program Objective
Developing Leaders Who Can Be Effective in Global Society

In modern society, which has been undergoing globalization, changes are taking place at a rapid pace. In order to play leadership roles in a global society, students are best served if they are endowed with the abilities to think and take action autonomously, and solve problems by communicating and joining forces with colleagues who have diversified backgrounds, with English and other foreign languages.

International Collaboration Project (ICP) will start offering Project-Based Learning (PBL) courses that utilize active learning so as to develop “problem solvers” who can be successful in global society. In addition, the University is launching the Faculty Collaboration Arena (FCA) to promote academic exchange with the faculty of U.S. universities that will jointly offer the PBL courses in order for instructors to enhance their international aptitude and enrich their expertise through actively interacting with fellow instructors from the U.S.

Publication of Results
Holding of briefing sessions by the students, workshops and symposiums on the course administration

Following the completion of the field research in Japan and the U.S., the results of the PBL courses will be presented at briefing sessions. At the Japan-U.S. Faculty Collaboration Arena (FCA), which is generally attended by the instructors who are involved in the delivery of PBL courses, proactive exchange of pedagogical information pertaining to administrative and evaluative procedures in the PBL courses, etc. take place, and various workshops and symposiums are subsequently held to share course results both domestically and globally. Updates on the activities of PBL and FCA will be periodically posted on this website.