We will be holding a training session for the PBL courses.

We will invite Dr. Shinji Tsuruoka, Professor, who teaches a master’s course at Mie University as a lecturer and hold a training session for instructors and staff to prepare for the PBL courses.

To prepare for the Project-Based Learning (PBL) courses that will be offered from the 2013 academic year, we will be holding a PBL training session for the instructors and staff of the University. Dr. Shinji Tsuruoka, Professor, from Mie University, will be invited as the lecturer. Mie University has been making university-wide efforts to offer PBL-oriented education since 2005.

*This training session will not be open to the public.

Date and time:
  • May 31st (Thu), 2012, 13:00-17:00
  • Dr. Shinji Tsuruoka, Professor (Dean, Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies, Mie University)
  1. What is PBL? (Four models)
  2. Activities of Mie University, contents of pre-PBL courses for freshmen
  3. Precautions and methodology related to the logistics and preliminary surveys
  4. PBL course design, from preparation to post-study presentation
  5. How should the PBL administration method be changed by study subject? What are the essential points to cover irrespective of the study subject and supervising instructor?
  6. Preparation of PBL study materials
  7. Effectiveness of PBL and evaluation method
  8. Q&A