2014 Course report

Marketing and Branding in Tourism

Marketing and Branding in Tourism
With the View to Promoting Tourism in Akita, Japan (PDF)

Suggestions to entice tourists to Akita Prefecture with the use of social media have been put together, which are based on the outcome of the tourism and marketing field studies conducted in San Francisco and Akita.

  1. Project Based Learning p. 1
  2. The Course p. 1
  3. The Choice of Subject p. 2
  4. Structuring the Course p. 3
  5. Duration and Itinerary of the Course p. 5
  6. Assessment p. 5
I. San Francisco Section (Marketing and Branding)  
  1. Intention and Particulars in the Section p. 6
  2. Internet Marketing and Brand Management p. 11
  3. Learning of Best Practices in U.S. p. 14
II. Akita Section (Carrying Out the Project)  
  1. Intention in the Section p. 15
  2. Basis of Project and Project Formulation p. 16
  3. Basics of Tourism and Its Recent Trends p. 18
  4. Tourism as an Agenda in Akita p. 20
  5. Tourism Development Policy of Akita Government p. 21
III. Doing the Project  
  1. Road Map p. 26
  2. Research p. 26
  1) Benchmarking  
  2) Street Survey  
  3) Use of Social Media in Akita’s Tourism  
  3. Analysis p. 34
  1) SWOT Analysis  
  2) Project Cycle Management Analysis  
  4. Conclusion p. 38
  5. Final Presentation p. 43
IV. About the Participants  
  1. Participants List p. 50
  2. Participants’ Notes p. 51
V. Instructors’ Note p. 71