Course Syllabus


GSP389 GS Special Topic 60 Developing Resilient Rural Communities in the United States and Japan (2015 Spring June 15 – July 17, 5 credits)


Declining population and outmigration of rural youth have been a social issue that Japan as well as other developing countries is facing. It affects the rural community the most and how to maintain and develop rural community will be an important policy challenge. This course focuses on rural community resilience through a comparative case study of communities in both rural Oregon and rural Akita. Students will research actual practices in the two countries by focusing on community dynamics and their natural resource use, especially forestry and agriculture. Students’ field research includes interview, questionnaire survey, and hands-on training.

  • Dr. John C. Bliss (OSU)
  • Dr. Nancy Rosenberger (OSU)
  • Dr. Ayumi Sugimoto (AIU)