Completion of the Japan-side Schedule and the Final Presentation

The wrap-up presentation meeting was held on July 11 (Sat) at the AIU lecture hall as the final stage of the Japan-side course work in “Living Well in Later Life,” co-managed by AIU and Dickinson College. As many as 50 people attended the presentation from off- and on-campus, including the survey respondents.

In the presentation, the student team mainly discussed the analysis of relationship between the objective factors (such as the number of the co-living family members, gender, frequency of medical care access, typical daily life) and subjective factors (such as the willingness to participate in local community associations, voluntary activities, and other social activities) in terms of the self-perceived mental and physical health. They also covered the possible common ideas or attitude toward “getting old” among the informants, and the possible influence of the Japanese traditional values on the family management and the elderly care on the use of the welfare services.

Over the next week, the students will individually review and summarize their own works, and finish all the course work with an exit interview with the instructor.

Self-Introduction at the beginning

The students made a presentation in English with simultaneous interpretation, inviting the survey respondents of the target communities.

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They presented their own analysis, combining quantitative data and information collected from the

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Q & A Session after the presentation