2014 Briefing session on course outcome

Briefing Session
  • Date and time: July 10th, 2014, 12:30-13:45
  • Venue: Lecture Hall (AIU)

This PBL course (GSP 393) entitled “International Migration, Transnational Family, and Community Building: Comparative Perspectives” began at UC Berkeley with 11 participating students, of which six were AIU students and five were from UC Berkeley.

After attending the intensive lectures taught by the instructors (Dr. Keiko Yamanaka, UC Berkeley and Associate Professor Takeshi Akiba, AIU) and conducting field studies in Berkeley, all students relocated to Akita where they conducted a field study of the Filipino community based in the southern part of the prefecture. The students interviewed Filipino females in the community and also visited government agencies, a regional Japanese language school, a Catholic church and various support organizations to perform hearing surveys, during which the students pursued the subjects they were respectively interested in.

At the briefing session, multi-faceted presentations on immigration-related topics such as the state of international immigrant families and how regional societies must be constructed to better accommodate them were delivered by the students in English. The event was attended by more than 100 students, instructors, administrative staff, etc., who listened to the presentations with enthusiasm, and the Q&A session afterwards included active exchange of opinions and ideas among the students and audience.

Briefing session at the Lecture Hall

Briefing session at the Lecture Hall

Presentation in pairs

Presentation in pairs

Presentation by groups of three

Presentation by groups of three

Commentary by Dr. Yamanaka and Dr. Akiba

Commentary by Dr. Yamanaka and Dr. Akiba


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Tracy Lim (AIU) & Ryan Terry (UCB)

“Language and Culture Retention”



Christina Takahashi (AIU) & Jennifer Reynolds (UCB)

“The Agency of Filipina Women / Japanese Identity and Alternative Education”



Yumi Ohashi (AIU) & Christine Jiang (UCB)

“What Does It Mean To Be Japanese?”



Ikuko Okazaki (AIU) & Wynnie Young (UCB)

“Identity Formation of Second Generation and Integration of Immigrants into Japanese Society”



Kento Watanabe, Yoshio Oh (AIU) & Alexander Agopyan-Miu (UCB)

“Trainee System and Multicultural Society in Japan”