We gave a practice report on the course at the Society for Multicultural Community Studies.

On May 31st, Dr. Ayumi Sugimoto, Assistant Professor, presented her practice report titled “AIU’s Inbound Study-Abroad Environment Development of the PBL Courses” to the Society for Multicultural Community Studies.

The PBL courses are designed to provide a learning platform where both Japanese and international students join forces to identify communal issues in conjunction with the local community and create solutions to those issues in a multicultural and multilingual setting. In the practice report on the PBL course INT231: Community and Environment by Dr. Sugimoto, she explained about the learning process, respective learning characteristics of Japanese and international students, the educational effect of the course, impact on the local community, future challenges, etc.

While high praises were given by the attendees for the innovative aspects of the course, there were also many inquiries on how to conduct qualitative evaluation of the process, optimal approach to making contributions to the local community as a university, how to teach students the fundamental knowledge that is essential for carrying out the projects, etc., which invigorated the exchange of ideas and opinions by the attendees.

Dr. Sugimoto commented that she intends to return the fruit of the coursework to society as much as possible and enhance the quality of the course by acquiring more knowledge in the field of educational research.