Course Syllabus

  • INT231-1 Community and Environment (3 credits)
  • Dr. Ayumi Sugimoto, Assistant Professor, Basic Education, Akita International University

The object of this course is for the students to survey the Arawa district in Yuwa, Akita City, Akita Prefecture to learn about the changes in the local society/environment as well as about the factors that are driving those changes so as to make suggestions that can aid the process of improving the local environment. The course will have the students of the University and international students jointly form teams and engage in Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities.

The course consists of learning in the classroom and conducting fieldwork in the Arawa district and Akita City. In the former part of the course, the students will be engaged in discussions based on assigned literatures, team-based documentary research and data analysis, hold workshops with the local residents, listen to lectures by the local residents on their communities, conduct interviews, etc. to gather data for the latter part of the course. The various processes that take place in this course, such as selecting survey themes, getting permission for the survey, preparing questionnaire forms, analyzing data, planning and running the presentation session, etc., are all handled by the students.