Class Report 2013

Yamahage - A study of Folk Culture in Japan
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I. Sixteen Theses on Folk Culture
(by Brandon Guichard)
p. 6
II. What is Culture?
(By Daisuke Sakai)
p. 23
III. Introduction to Japanese Folkloristics and Religion
(by Ryoko Ieda)
p. 33
IV. Visualizing Fear: Representations of Folklore in Japanese Media
(by Sara Birnbaum)
p. 41
V. Survival of Folk Culture: Through Change and Tourism
(by Natalie Irving)
p. 52
VI. Aesthetics in Folk Culture
(by Anna Wheeler)
p. 62
VII. All in a Glass of Night: The Yamahage of Hirasawa
(by Dr. Darren Ashmore and Ellen Usui)
p. 72
VIII. Taboo in Traditional Folk Culture: Participation of Outsiders and Women
(by Yukari Yokoyama)
p. 80
IX. Psychology of the Mask: Yamahage
(by Tekle Jasenkaite)
p. 88
X. Conclusion
(by Brandon Guichard and Elm Sano)
p. 99