The results of the course were presented at the Agri Forum in Yurihonjo City.

The results of the course were presented at the Agri Forum in Yurihonjo City.

Dr. Ayumi Sugimoto, instructor of SOC285 (Basic Education), Community Development presented her report on course results at the Agri Forum in Yurihonjo City. The objective of this course is to enhance the sensibility of students, which is useful for on-site learning, through fieldwork and endow the students to use their imagination and cultivate their talent for the benefit of others through describing the life stories of the local residents.


While describing the life story of a farmhouse inn manager in Yurihonjo City, the students learned that theory and reality are not always consistent and that it is critical to pay attention to the diversity of the local residents in community development. It was also shared with the audience that some of the local residents who told their life stories to the students expressed their appreciation that the interview surveys provided them with opportunities to reflect on life events and reassess themselves. All in all, the presentation at the Agri Forum in Yurihonjo City was successful in that it provided a comprehensive report on what was gained by the students, local residents and faculty.

In addition, it was also mentioned that the results of the course were made available to the public through (1) the briefing session, (2) report, and (3) the website. After the presentation was concluded, several local residents who attended the Forum voiced their sentiment that they would like to continue working with the University and move forward. The officials of Yurihonjo City also made comments about themselves being able to obtain a new perspective and to recognize the importance of the human resources from the presentation, after which active discussions ensued.

[Message from Dr. Sugimoto, Assistant Professor]

“We intend to pursue a more open form of university education by making the results of our coursework more widely known to the public and by giving back to the local community continuously. Let me take this opportunity to once again express our deep gratitude to the officials of Yurihonjo City and local residents for their understanding and support to our activities for the Community Development course during the 2012 academic year.”

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