A briefing session on the results of the SOC285 course will be held.

We are going to hold a briefing session on the results of Community Development (a prerequisite course for PBL).

A briefing session on the results of the course for Fall Semester 2013 will be held in the Student Center at Akita International University from 10:30 to 12:30 on December 4th (Wed). In this course, the students divided into four teams, visited and interviewed farming families in Akita City and described their life stories.

During the two sessions of the fieldwork, the students not only interviewed the families for their life stories but also partook in the farm work and helped the sales activities at their direct-sales farm produce stores. At the briefing session, the four teams of students will give presentations on the life stories of the farming families, which include video footage, and also examine various approaches to the community development. In addition, the farming families that volunteered to become interviewees, and other local residents will be invited to participate in an exchange of opinions and ideas. We welcome and look forward to seeing you all at the event.

Event schedule
10:30 Opening address
10:35 Students’ report on the surveys
11:35 Comments from the local collaborators
11:50 Comments from the supervising faculty
12:00 Closing of the event