Privacy Policy

Consistent with the Personal Information Policy at AIU, we will comply with guidelines set down by Japanese central government, local laws on handling personal information, such as Personal Information Protection Ordinance of Akita Prefecture. We will respect the personal information of students and faculty members who are engaged in research and educational activities. AIU will set up programs to educate the school community on proper handling procedures of personal information.

What Is Personal Information?

Personal information is defined as any specific data which can identify a person. This data may be recorded electronically, magnetically or by any other method. It can also include a collection of data from which one can identify an individual.

Rules on Handling of Personal Information
1. Method of Acquisition of Personal Information and Purpose of Its Usage

To acquire any personal information, we need to first clearly state the purpose of gathering any specific information and then only acquire it through proper procedures. In principle, we will not gather individual information on his/her ideology or creed or religion. In addition,we must notify the individual whose information we had gathered, should the purpose of using the information change.

Intended Use of Personal Information at AIU

AIU will gather and use the personal information of students, parents, guardians to support following educational and research activities at AIU:

1) Students’ Personal Information

Recruitment of Students: Mailing of university catalogues, registration of membership to Campus Supporter Network

  • Entrance Examination: Administration of entrance examination to prospective students, registration of enrollment (including interim enrollment),mailing of university catalogue
  • After Enrollment at AIU: Issuing student card, counseling on course selection, registration to enroll, administration of courses and exams, recording final grades, credit accreditation, determination of promotion to the next grade or graduation, transfer of credits to or from sister schools, study abroad, granting of degrees
  • Change of Student Status: Temporary withdrawal, reinstatement, or permanent withdrawal
  • Student Life: Guidance and/or advice on student life, use of welfare facilities, administration of scholarships (or their repayment), regular health checkup, routine health counseling, general counseling, support for after-school activities, assisting students when death in the family or a disaster occurs
  • Career Guidance: Support for choosing a career, referral of internships
  • Use of AIU Facilities: Library
  • Various other notices and interactions, issue of certificates, receipt of payment of university fees,giving of awards or punishment to the students in accordance with university rules.
2) Guardians/Parents’ Personal Information

Communication in urgent cases, mailing of grades, receipt of fees, upcoming university events, asking for support for AIU, any other material which must be sent by certified mail.

2. Accuracy of the Information

Acquired Personal information should remain accurate to the extent necessary to accomplish of the purpose.

3. Protection of Information

To prevent leaks, loss or damage of private information, we will:

  1. Dispose unnecessary information properly and immediately.
  2. Not leak to outsiders or abuse any information which we obtain through work.
  3. Communicate clearly the steps to protect the information in case we must entrust any part or all of personal information to someone outside of AIU,

Steps We Will Take Secure Protection

  • Lock desks or cabinets where the information is kept.
  • Strip-shred when we must dispose papers which contain sensitive information.
  • Set up password or encrypt electronic data.
Request for Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information
1. Request from An Individual
(1) Disclosure

Only upon request we will disclose the personal data to the individual. If the request is recognized to be inappropriate, we will hold back a part or all of the data from disclosure. In such cases, we will communicate to the person the reason why the disclosure is denied.

(2) Correction etc.

When we are requested to correct or delete part of any personal data by the owner of the data because they are not accurate, we will investigate the request and, if necessary, correct the error. When we correct all or a part of the data, we will inform the owner of the data of the change and the revised content. In case the submitted correction is found to be inappropriate, we must communicate to the person the reason why it is so.

(3) Suspension of Use

We will suspend the use of information in case an individual files a complaint that his/her personal data are presently used not for the primary reasons listed above and after AIU agrees with the allegation.

2. Request by Proxy

Any personal information must not be disclosed to a third party without explicit permission from the individual except in the following cases:

  1. When the request for data is legal.
  2. Urgent and unavoidable situations where personal safety or fortune are at stake.
  3. When required by Japanese government or prefectural organization to use the data to the extent necessary for executing their work. In this case,probable reason for usage of information must be provided.

We will demand to provide security and to set a limit on the period of usage of the data.

Inquiries about Personal Information

For inquiries concerning “Handling Personal Information at AIU,” please contact the Section of Planning &Public Relations in the Administration Office. AIU will address them swiftly and appropriately.