About AIU


Organization Chart


Members of the President's Advisory Board

Members Dr. Yasushi AKASHI
Former Undersecretary-General of the United Nations;
Chairman, ICC Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Ms. Eiko OHYA
Director, OYA SOICHI LIBRARY, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Dr. Ryuzo SATO
C.V. Starr Professor Emeritus of Economics, Stern Graduate School of Business,
New York University
Dr. Norihiko SUZIKI
Chair of the Board of Prefectural University of Hiroshima;
Chair of the Board of Eikei University of Hiroshima
Mr. Seiichi SUDA
Chairman of the Board of YURI Holdings CO., LTD.
Mr. Masaaki NISHIKI
Senior Editor of Yomiuri Newspaper
Dr. Gregory CLARK
Honorary President of Tama University;

Members of the University Management Committee

Chair of the Board Prof. Monte CASSIM
AIU President
Managing Trustee Mr. Ken ISOGAI
AIU Vice-President
Executive Officer
Trustees Dr. Yoshitaka KUMAGAI
AIU Vice-President, Professor
Human Resources
Academic Affairs
Student Affairs
Mr. Motohiko SANO
CEO of Sano HLDGS. Co., Ltd.;
Vice-President of Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
Vice-President of Tohoku New Business Conference
Student Affairs
External Affairs/
Regional Partnerships

Internal Control
Dr. Tsutomu KIMURA
Former President of Tokyo Institute of Technology;
Honorary Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology
Academic Affairs
Prof. Takashi ONISHI
Chairman of National Land Planning Association;
Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo for City and Regional Planning;
Professor Emeritus of Toyohashi University of Technology;
Former President of Toyohashi University of Technology;
Former President of Science Council of Japan
Human Resources
Academic Affairs
Public Relations
Ms. Yukiko ARAKI
Menber of Nagaoka University of Technology Administrative Council;
Outside Director of Fuji Pharma Co., Ltd.;
Outside Director of Nakanishi Inc.;
Outside Director of Toyo Tire Corporation;
Trustee of General Incorporated Association Resource - Rebalancing Business Studies
Human Resources
Public Relations
Member Mr. Hiroyuki YASUDA
Superintendent of Akita Prefectural Board of Education
External Affairs/
Regional Partnerships
Mr. Masanori ONO
AIU Executive Officer

Human Resources

Academic Affairs
Public Relations
External Affairs/
Regional Partnerships
Student Affairs

Auditors Mr. Terushige HORII
Certified Public Accountant
Licensed Tax Accountant
Director, Yamazaki Diecast Co., Ltd.