Course Registration

All international students must go through the following registration procedures upon their arrival at AIU. Please note that the course plan that was filled out on the online application form was for screening purposes only and NOT for course registration.

Students will receive more detailed information about the course registration procedure during the Orientation for New International Students.

Check Class Schedules and Syllabus

*Class Schedules and Syllabi will be available in late June for Fall semester and early November for Spring semester.

As the registration period approaches, the most updated information about course offerings and timetables will be periodically announced on the AIU website.

Please refer to the following links for more information about Course Offerings, Course Schedules, and Course Syllabi.

*Each course syllabus includes a course description, objectives, schedule, and method for evaluation. Students are required to review and confirm the syllabus for each course that they wish to enroll in.

Credit Hour Requirements

During Fall and Spring Semesters, students are required to enroll in at least 12 credit hours at a minimum and allowed to register up to 18 credit hours at a maximum. We strongly recommend students have a few second-choice courses ready in case any of your first-choice courses become unavailable.

During the Winter Term, a special period of concentrated intensive courses from January through March, students may enroll in up to 9 credit hours. Enrollment in the Winter Term is not mandatory for most AIU students. However, some students may have to enroll and register for courses during that period to fulfill scholarship enrollment requirements.

How to Search the Online Syllabus System

You can search the current semester's syllabi or past years' syllabi (if the semester that you are interested in is not yet available) by following the instructions below. Please note that courses may not be exactly identical to previous years' offerings, so please use this for reference only.

Step 1: Download the Course Offerings pdf from the link to the right. You will need to refer to this document to use the search functions.

Step 2: To look up syllabi, enter the following settings in the Online Syllabus.

  • Academic Year (required field): Choose the year you will study at AIU, or a past year for reference. If you cannot find a syllabus for the year you will come to AIU, it may not be available yet. Check the syllabus from one year earlier, instead.
    Note: Academic Years begin with the Spring Semester, so 2014 includes Spring 2014, Fall 2014, and Winter 2015.
  • Faculty/Department: Leave this field as "not specified" and use the Course Code field to narrow down your selections, instead.
    Picture of Online Syllabus
  • Course Code: Enter the three-letter code from the pdf linked from the search page to narrow down to that field or leave it blank. You can also narrow down to a specific level (e.g. "ECN3" will search for all 300-level/third year-level economics and business courses).
  • Semester: select one, or set "not specified" to see all options. If your desired semester returns no results, try searching for a previous academic year, rather than another semester.
  • Leave all other fields blank for the broadest search, or narrow down by instructor, course title, or course keywords. Partial matches are possible.

Complete the Course Registration at AIU after Arrival

*Web-registration occurs in late August for Fall semester and early April for Spring semester.

Information on how to complete the course web-registration will be explained during the Orientation for New International Students.

Limited-Enrollment Courses

To ensure a high quality of teaching and constructive learning environment, some courses have enrollment limits. If the number of students in a course reaches the enrollment limit after the web-registration, a drawing will take place to decide which students will register. Please be aware that you may not be able to register in your first-choice course. In the event of this occurrence, students should register to other courses during the ADD/DROP period. If there are vacancies, students will be able to register in enrollment-limit courses during the ADD/DROP period.

Approval of Exemption from Credit Limitation

Students are generally not allowed to register over 18 credits per semester. However, if a student has an exceptional reason, they may be allowed to register up to 24 credits. In order for a student to register in more than 18 credits, they must seek approval from their academic advisor and submit the ”Approval of Exemption from Credit Limitation” form to the Division of Student Records during the ADD/DROP period.

ADD/DROP period

*ADD/DROP period occurs in early September for Fall semester and early April for Spring semester.

Students may add or drop courses during the first week of classes. This period is called the ADD/DROP period and provides an opportunity to change course selections after attending the first class. After the ADD/DROP period is over, courses may not be added or dropped except for courses that begin in the middle of a term.

All students must confirm the courses registered on the Registration Website during the ADD/DROP period and keep a printed copy of the Registration Confirmation Sheet. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that courses were registered correctly. Without proper registration, students will not receive credit regardless of class attendance.

Class Cancellation

Courses may be cancelled when the number of course enrollment falls below 5 students after completion of the ADD/DROP period.


*Withdrawal is scheduled in late September for Fall semester and early May for Spring semester.

*Please note that some courses may announce a separate withdrawal deadline. Please pay attention to all course-related emails and course paperwork to make sure you complete your withdrawal procedures in time.

Students are not allowed to drop courses after the ADD/DROP period but may withdraw from courses no later than the last class day of the 4th week of a semester (2nd week of the term for winter program). Withdrawn courses are shown as a “W” on the official academic transcript. Students who withdraw from a course without completing the appropriate procedures by the deadline above will receive a grade of “Fail (F).”