Campus Life

Support for Students with Disabilities

Akita International University (AIU) supports students with needs* to exercise the right to study and experience university life under a fair learning environment.

* students with needs' refers to students who face restrictions with academic learning and/or daily life over an extended period because of physical disabilities, internal impairment and/or disease, and wish to receive support and/or are recognized to require support.

Principal Policy

  • One academic and health support coordinator

Facility support

  • Provide opportunities for faculty and staff to acquaint with special accommodations in order to provide student support and protect student rights.
  • Support students to build self-advocacy skills (ability to communicate their needs and problems with others in order to gain necessary support and understanding).
  • Student's autonomy first. Accommodation introduced will be determined according to disabilities and necessities upon students’ autonomy.
  • Protect students' privacy and personal data.

Support structure

  • The Vice President is responsible for determining and introducing necessary accommodations. The Student Disability Support Committee and Student Disability Committee Group are set under the authorization of the Vice President.
  • One Study and Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Responsibilities of students who receive special accommodations

  • Fulfill the standards of academic performance required by AIU
  • Apply for support as soon as possible
  • Apply every semester
  • Submit a “Disability Certificate” or other documents that prove the student's disability or disease (required by AIU).
  • Follow instructions from a medical doctor if medical treatment or care is deemed necessary.

For exchange and short-term international students, please first consult with your study abroad coordinator at AIU.