Campus Life

Support for Students with Disabilities

Akita International University provides the following support to students with disabilities.

Faculty member

  • One academic and health support coordinator

Facility support

  • Installation of barrier-free rooms in student residences (apartments)
  • Installation of elevators and bathrooms for the disabled in each building
  • Establishment of parking spaces for the disabled
  • Installation of reading magnifiers

Facility support (partial installation)

  • Road surfacing, elimination of level differences, etc.
  • Handrails, ropes, stairlifts, etc.
  • Braille blocks, sign stickers, etc.
  • Maintenance of entrances e.g. automatic doors
  • Wheelchairs, folding beds, etc.

Non-academic support

  • Accompanying to medical institutions
  • Enlarged character display in university cafeterias
  • Placement of volunteers to support the disabled during bus trips organized by the University
  • Taxi arrangements for the disabled to arrive at the University