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We look for motivation and potential for the development of global human resources

We have 16 types of entrance examination systems to select students with many different abilities and qualities in addition to basic academic skills. To identify individuals with passion and potential, we use our unique entrance examination systems including the September admission system, the system for students taking special modules, and the gap year system that evaluates volunteer activities students have engaged in before starting their studies at our university. Providing many application opportunities by arranging an entrance examination schedule independent from other national public universities is another remarkable feature of our institution.

We have two admission intakes a year, in April and September.
We accept 175 students for the department as a whole; students can choose which course (Global Business, Global Studies, or Global Connectivity) to take as they advance their studies at AIU. Transfer students are accepted under a separate quota. Since we focus on providing small-group instruction, the admission capacity is not very large, but we offer a maximum of 6 application opportunities on the program. If you desire to make the world your stage, we strongly encourage you to apply for a place at Akita International University.

Details about Admission Process are available at the following webpage.

Admission Process

Types of entrance examination:
Total 16 types
Number of examination opportunities:
Up to 6 times


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