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All Classes are Taught in English

We train students to think and communicate in English

One of the outstanding features of Akita International University is that all lectures are given in English. However, our institution is not a university to study English. It is a university to study and think in English.

What matters is finding the field of your interest and what you want to specialize in. It is also important to develop the ability to use your own words to spread the knowledge you have gained and act on a global scale. English is a powerful tool.

Since its foundation in 2004, the AIU has been consistently providing small-group instruction, with the average number of students per class being around 19. This is also aimed at increasing the opportunity for students to communicate with teachers to improve their ability to think and express themselves. We also have systems to provide extensive support to each and every student, such as our academic advising system. Every time students meet our strict academic standards, their independence, proactivity, confidence and patience are improved. These are the distinctive features of our small university.

Picture of EAP class by Prof. Malcom SIM

EAP Class by Prof. Malcom SIM

All Classes are Taught in English
Average number of students per course:
Student-Faculty Ratio:
Classes with less than 20 students:
Classes with 50 or more students:
Percentage of Faculty Members with non-Japanese Nationality:

As of Fall Semester, AY2020

Academic Advising System

Image of academic advising system

It is a system to encourage students' inquisitiveness about their studies and provide support to overcome barriers in their academic performance.

We assign a full-time faculty member of the University as the advisor to each student to provide them with the opportunity to consult their advisors about various issues related to their academic studies and receive advice.

For example, when students make important decisions, such as their study plan, selection of course, selection of overseas university and study plan for their study abroad, and their career paths after graduation, they can consult with their advisors and continue their studies smoothly until they graduate.