Degree Programs

Flow from Admission to Graduation

In addition to lectures and assignments entirely given in English, students at Akita International University face many challenges according to each stage of student life such as living in student residences for a year, getting the required TOEFLR TEST score for study abroad, and studying abroad for a year. It may be hard to face them alone, but their fellow students at AIU share the same goals. You will have many friends, including those you live with in your first year, classmates in EAP, your fellow students you work on assignments with, and students from different countries who study abroad at the same time as you, who will help you overcome various difficulties.

Steps 6 (Basic Education) and 7 (Global Business Program/Global Studies Program) below are subject to change from AY 2021. Please our new curriculum page for details.

STEP1 Entrance examination

Image of Entrance examination

Feature 05 - Admissions
You can choose the types of examinations suitable to you from 16 different entrance examinations and try up to 6 times.

Entrance examination

STEP2 Admission

Image of Admission

The entrance ceremony held in English will be the moment when you feel that you have truly become a student of AIU.

STEP3 1 year at a student dormitory

Image of a student dormitory

Feature 03 - Cross Cultural Campus
You will spend time with students from all over the world and Japan learning from each other.


STEP4 TOEFLR placement test

Image of a class

Feature 01 - All Classes are Taught in English
You will take this test to measure academic English skills before lectures begin.

All Classes are Taught in English

STEP5 English for Academic Purposes (EAP )

Image of EAP faculty

Feature 01 - All Classes are Taught in English
We train students to think and communicate in English.

English for Academic Purposes

STEP6 Basic Education (BE )

Image of BE faculty

Feature 01 - All Classes are Taught in English
Students are working on the development of skills and methods of inquiry necessary to achieve the Five Educational Goals of International Liberal Arts at AIU.

Basic Education Courses

STEP7 Global Business Program(GB)/Global Studies Program (GS)

Image of an Advanced Education faculty

Feature 01 - All Classes are Taught in English

Global Business Program

Global Studies Program

STEP8 Compulsory year abroad for all students

Image of Study Abroad

Feature 02 - One Year Study Abroad
In our exchange program, you will continue to pay tuition fees to AIU and will be exempt from paying the tuition fee of the overseas university you study at.

One Year Study Abroad

STEP9 Job-hunting and preparation for graduate school

Image of Job-hunting and preparation for graduate school

Feature 04 - Career Support
We provide personalized support for job-hunting and preparation for graduate school, which is unique for a small university.

Career Support

STEP10 Career support

Image of Graduation

Graduating from AIU is more difficult than graduating from other universities in Japan. Graduation feels all the more special after having a fulfilling student life