Research Week 2022 is in progress till December 5th!

AIU Research Week is an event that began in 2017 to allow AIU faculty and students to present the results of their research and share them with the internal and external community.
Through the 2019 academic year, presentations were made through poster exhibits, but from the 2020 academic year, the event moved to an online event.

This year, 14 groups of 21 faculty, staff, and students from Akita International University and 11 groups of faculty members and students from partner universities abroad will present their research results.

Please find a link to the presentation from the following list.

*Each presentation will be provided in English.


Presenters from Akita International University

  • Faculty of International Liberal Arts
    • English for Academic Purposes Program
      • Lee Friederich (Associate Professor) Naoko Araki (Professor) , Joel FRIEDERICH (Associate Professor), Naeko Naganuma (Associate Professor/Dean of Students) 
      • Rebecca Clegg-Sasaki (Select Lecturer) 
    • Glocal Business Program
      • Clinton Watkins (Professor)
      • Hideyuki Nakagawa (Associate Professor) 
      • Sungkyu LEE (Assistant Professor) 
      • Wenti Du (Assistant Professor) 
    • Global Studies Program
      • Noah Viernes (Associate Professor) 
    • Global Connectivity Program
      • Andy Crofts (Professor) Sayaka Ohira (AIU undergraduate student), Mashiho Takahashi (AIU undergraduate student), Kanako Tsuchiya (AIU undergraduate student)
        • Title: Adventures in the Lab: Building Experimental Design Skills using Computer-Aided Design, 3D Printing, Programming, and the Phototrophic Protist Euglena gracilis
        • Abstract
        • Presentation Movie
      • Attila Egri-Nagy (Professor) 
      • Florent DOMENACH (Professor) 
      • Kaeko Chiba (Associate Professor) 
    • Exchange Student from partner university
      • Thaya Ngampravatdee (Mahidol University International College, Thailand)
  • Graduate School of Global Communication and Language
    • Japanese Language Teaching Practices
      • Hitoshi Horiuchi (Associate Professor)
  • Administrative Office Staff
    • Kazuhiko Takeuchi (Director of Office of Faculty and Staff Support) 
      • Title: SpeechCraft Akita: a community-initiated adult education for public speaking in English, introduced in northern Tohoku area of Japan as a way to address opportunity gaps.


Presenter from partner university of Akita International University

  • Brunei
    • Universiti Brunei Darussalam
      • Dr. Maria Carinnes ALEJANDRIA (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei)
        • Title: Humanitarian Response in Urban Settings:
        • Exploring the Role of Community Leaders during Complex Disasters in the Philippines
        • Abstract
        • Presentation Movie
  • Germany
    • University of Passau
      • Dr. Kathrin Eveline Plank (Academic Coucillor, University of Passau, Germany)
        • Title: From Digital to Spatial Turn in Holocaust Education? (Re)Locating Remembrance and its Requirements and Opportunities for Media Education
        • Abstract
        • Presentation Movie
      • Dr.  Tamara Rachbauer (Academic counselor, Chair of Education with a focus on Diversity Research and Educational Spaces in Middle Childhood, University of Passau, Germany)
      • Andrés David Castro Lotero (PhD Student Communication Sciences, University of Passau, Germany) 
        • Title: Virtual reality and war reporting: uses, potentialities and challenges of 360° video to narrate armed conflicts
        • Abstract
        • Presentation Movie
      • Dr. Benjamin HEURICH (Research Associate, Chair of Education with a focus on Diversity Research and Educational Spaces in Middle Childhood, University of Passau, Germany)
        • Title:A Social-theoretical Perspective on Educational Equality and Professional Teacher Training in Japan and Germany.
        • Abstract
        • Presentation Movie
      • Ms. Siti Maimunah (PhD Student, University of Passau, Germany)
    • Mexico
      • University of Colima
        • Dr. Joel Cerna Cortes (Professor, University of Colima, Mexico)
    • Norway
      • University of Bergen
        • Dr. Nathan HOPSON (Associate Professor, University of Bergen, Norway)
    • Dr. Luis TEIXEIRA (Assistant Professor School of Arts/Coordinator of Master in Creativity Industry Management,Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal)
    • Spain
      • University of Malaga
        • Dr. Antonio PELAEZ-VERDET (Assistant professor., Dpt. of Management and Business, University of Malaga, Spain)


    Some past Research Week presentations are archived at the following URL.

    Contact information:
    Office of Research and Community Outreach Services, Akita International University
    Yuwa, Akita City,  010-1292, Japan
    Phone: +81 18-886-5905 Email: