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Visa & Insurance

AIU is excited to announce that we will be offering the Summer Program ONLINE in 2022!

Summer Program


The Summer Program fee does NOT include insurance. All summer program participants are required to purchase comprehensive overseas travel insurance BEFORE departing from their home country to cover a wide range of expenses in case of disease, hospitalization, repatriation, etc. covering from the flight into Japan through return to the country of origin. Appearing below is an example of basic overseas travel insurance coverage.

Insurance Package
Coverage afforded Insurable Amount
JPY *Estimate in USD
Injury Death 20,000,000 JPY 183,536 USD
Injury Residual Disability 20,000,000 JPY 183,536 USD
Injury Medical Expenses 20,000,000 JPY 183,536 USD
Sickness Death 20,000,000 JPY 183,536 USD
Sickness Medical Expenses 20,000,000 JPY 183,536 USD
Emergency Reunion 20,000,000 JPY 183,536 USD
Liability 100,000,000 JPY 917,683 USD
Baggage 400,000 JPY 3,670 USD

*USD=108.97 JPY at TTS rate as of October 25, 2019

Visa Information

The requirements for a visa to enter Japan differ by nationality, the purpose of visit, and the length of intended period of stay. Please check “68 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions” on the following website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to see if you are required to obtain a visa:

If your country does NOT have a visa exemption agreement with Japan or if you have any questions about visas, please contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country or the country where you reside.

Please note that AIU will provide a summer program participant with supporting documents if he or she requires any; however, it is participant's sole responsibility to apply for and obtain his or her visa.

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