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2017.11.20AIU Voices

Life at AIU with a Hungarian’s Eyes: Kinga Vetjey, University of Pécs, Hungary

Akita International University AUWA (Yuwa Community Exchange) club members harvesting rice

Kinga (rear, fifth from left) with the AUWA club at a traditional-style rice harvest


Kinga Vetjey University of Pecs Akita International University bus tour

Kinga (left) with a friend from New Zealand at a souvenir stand by the samurai mansions in Kakunodate

Coming to study at AIU was the best choice I have ever made as I have countless opportunities to experience the traditional Japanese way of life. This was my primary goal when deciding to study in Japan.

My Favorite Memory

As I was trying to recall my favorite memory I realized that it is clearly impossible.

My days here are all filled with great memories which is mostly because of the precious friends I made and because I sign up for all the possible programs organized here. But maybe the most interesting one was the rice harvest event with AUWA club.

Traditional Rice Harvest with Local Community

We went to a nearby village where the elderly and even children gathered to show us the traditional way of harvesting rice. We had the chance to try traditional clothes and eat traditional food, too.

The work was exhausting and I was surprised to see how hard the elderly Japanese people were working. At the end of the hard work, we played with the children, which was really fun. The whole program was refreshing and interesting.

RCOS Events

To sign up for RCOS events is the best way of interacting with Japanese children. That is why I usually sign up for every possible one for me.

It is very enjoyable to see the elementary school kids trying so hard to speak English and to see how enthusiastic they are when they see us international students. It is very refreshing to attend these programs, I enjoy them very much as I love children.

The best part is when they all say hello or goodbye to you and when they see you again on their way to the bus, they recognize you and wave with a bright smile on their faces.