Student Voice

2018.06.25Student Voice

Life-Changing: Flor Estrada Gutierrez, University of Colima, Mexico

Flor Estrada Gutierrez University of Colima Akita International University Namahage contest

Flor (right) with another AIU exchange student from New Zealand at the Namahage Museum at Oga Peninsula

Flor Estrada Gutierrez University of Colima Akita International University Namahage contest

Flor during a field trip to Oga Peninsula

Being at AIU is definitely a life changing experience; from its incredible international atmosphere to its beautiful surroundings, there's no way for me to go back to the person I was before coming to Japan and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mixing with the International Community

Since the first day, everything has been great. In my first week here we had these ice breaking activities; including an ice cream socializing party, where I had the privilege to meet wonderful people that now I can call friends. Having a bunch of young people from different countries and putting them all together in one school is honestly one of the best ideas ever thought of. You can learn a lot about someone and their country just by sharing lunch together. I think that is a revolutionary idea and I couldn’t be happier for being part of it.

Japanese Language and Culture

Japan is such a beautiful country, filled with traditions and values that I am starting to learn. Thanks to my Japanese class (101), that is by the way a real commitment, as I must push myself forward everyday to learn this new language, I can now talk a little bit with my roommate and Japanese friends. Simple things like saying "I'm home" or "Good night" become really important and fulfill my Japanese experience.

Activities at AIU


And talking about that, it is now time to mention another thing I completely adore about this university, club activities! They have a wide variety of them, both cultural and sports activities, which means that everyone could find something according to their own interests. I chose Kendo and it has been so much fun! Honestly, I just can´t believe that I have the chance to practice this traditional martial art in its birth country.

Field Trips

Lastly let me talk you about the field trips that AIU has kindly organized for us. In the first one we visited Kakunodate and Lake Tazawa (deepest lake in Japan!), both really beautiful places. In the second one we went to Akita city and port, where I tried traditional delicious dishes and had dessert in a café with an awesome view. My most recent trip was a marketing field trip to Oga Peninsula, we went to the aquarium and embraced Akita traditions in the Namahage museum, I even got to be one! It was so much fun!

So… just in case you were wondering, I love AIU! It´s an amazing university. I am so glad to be here and can totally see myself crying when the time to leave comes. ありがとう。