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2018.11.26AIU Voices

My Experience on Campus: Dru Legare, University of Manitoba Asper School of Business, Canada

Akita International University AIU Festival

Living on campus makes it easy to participate in events like the AIU Festival in the fall.

Living on campus at AIU has been a great experience for me for many reasons.

First of all, it’s very convenient! Back at my home university, I have an hour bus commute or a thirty-minute drive to get from my house to campus. Here at AIU, I have to walk just a short distance to get to my classes. Not only is it convenient to get to my classes, but also to go study at the library, go to volleyball practice, and watch late-night movies in Kobelco Hall with CinemAkita. As the campus is small, I never need to rush and can walk anywhere within a reasonable time.


One of the festival trats: Taiyaki, a sea bream (tai in Japanese)-shaped cake filled with sweet anko red bean paste

Another thing I have enjoyed about living on campus, has been the ability to hang out with friends with minimal planning and attending the events held here at AIU. Since everyone lives in one place, it’s easy to meet up. A recent campus event I really enjoyed was the AIU festival. I got to spend all day experiencing the festival and eating all the good food.

The quick bus ride to AEON mall is another thing I really enjoy. To buy my groceries, I only need to take one bus there and one bus back. AEON mall is a great place to buy dessert and visit clothing and stationary stores. The campus is also not far from the city, which is a great place to go on the weekends. Regarding food, I can’t forget the convenience store that is on campus – which is perfect for when I want ice cream.

Since I have never lived on campus before, this has been a very new experience to me, and has been very enjoyable. Going back home is definitely going to be an adjustment.