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2018.12.10AIU Voices

Experiences of Japan and AIU: Kata Stecina, University of Pécs, Hungary

Oga peninsula shoreline Akita International University Kata Stecina University of Pécs

Kata Stecina on a visit to Oga Peninsula, Akita

Hello, my name is Kata Stecina and I am from Hungary. I came from the oldest university of my country which was founded in 1367 and it is called University of Pécs. My major is Sociology and that was one of the reasons for me to come here to Japan. I wanted to meet with a new and completely different culture and society than mine.

Choosing Japan and Akita

Being a student at AIU is one of the greatest adventures I’ve had in my life so far. I’ve always loved Japanese culture in general and it was on the first place on my bucket list to come here.

I’ve chosen Akita because I grew up in a little village and I love to be close to nature. This is probably one of my favourite things here. Furthermore, for me the infinite rice fields are so marvellous. They have the meaning of hard work, patience and fineness. These words can also describe the nation too.

Cultural Experiences


I enjoy every second I can spend here. Japanese people value things differently than for example most of the people in Europe. I am so amazed by the clean streets and how polite even the strangers are here. I would say that for me the people are the most fascinating.

Multicultural Campus

In addition to that, I am happy to have the opportunity to meet people around the world. AIU provided me a big treasure, which is that I am able to get to know lots of cultures. I was always curious about the unknown and I know I can finally challenge myself. Being alone in the other side of the globe is not easy but it’s definitely worth it. I would not say I have no difficulties to deal with, but I am lucky to have friends by my side to help me when I need.

Japan is a mysterious wonderland and I cannot wait to explore as much as I can.