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2018.12.24AIU Voices

Paradise on Earth: Bui Duc Van, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

Bui Duc Van Akita International University Matriculation Ceremony Foreign Trade University

Van (left) with friends after the Fall Matriculation Ceremony

Academic Aspects

Before coming to Japan, I had decided on the courses that I want to take at AIU. To be honest, I had a hard time pondering all of the courses offered by AIU. My major is International Business Economics, and the Global Business Program offers so many exciting courses suitable for my studies, such as Behavioral Finance, Marketing Channel Strategy, Consumer Behavior and so on. There are even some courses related to Japanese Business such as Japanese Finance and Practices under Globalization and Japanese Business Culture, which are very practical and useful for those who want to work in Japan.

All the courses are taught in English in small class size. That helps me to understand well and have good communication with classmates and teachers.

One of the reasons I chose AIU as study abroad destination is that I can study both English and Japanese at the same time. Surprisingly, after coming to AIU, I realized that I can even learn more languages than that. The Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center (LDIC) at AIU is the place where I can learn new languages very quickly because it connects people who want to learn new languages and native speakers from all over the world.

Campus Life

Akita International University Komachi Hall Komachi Lobby

Playing video games with friends in Komachi Lobby

I live in Komachi Hall, which is connected with most of the other buildings in AIU by indoor walks so that I do not often have to go outside in the winter. There is a place called Komachi Lobby where I can hang out with friends and play video games, as well. Other students usually gather in Komachi lobby on the weekend to watch movies, chat with each other or play board-games. I love that place so much because I can practice English and Japanese while playing games or watching films. Besides, I usually play futsal and do exercise in Suda Hall – Multi-purpose Hall which is near my room. Although the university is not too big, the facilities are so sufficient and convenient that meet various needs of Japanese students as well as international students.

Travel and Culture

Bui Duc Van Akita International University bus trip Oga Peninsula coast

Bus trip to Oga Peninsula with friends

After a couple of months in Akita, I assert that Akita is a great place to live in and travel to. Akita possesses a majestic beauty of nature and a rich diversity of culture behind its peacefulness. I traveled to Lake Tazawa – the deepest Lake in Japan, Oga Peninsula and Kakunodate Samurai Village with AIU’s students.

Namahage Museum Akita International University bus trip

Namahage Museum

I also went to see Omagari Fireworks Festival – one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Japan. Moreover, I had the chance to explore Akita’s culture and history when I went to some museums in Akita City. All these experiences make me love this place so much. If you still hesitate to choose AIU as your next educational destination, just select it.

Come to AIU, make friends from other countries, study in a global environment and enjoy your life in "paradise on earth."