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2019.02.25AIU Voices

Friends, Language Ability, and New Perspectives: Cheng Shi Yuan, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Cheng Shi Yuan National Taiwan Normal University Akita International University exchange students at Hiroyuki Park fall foliage

Cheng Shi Yuan (left) with friends at Hiroyuki Koen, in Aomori

I never thought being an exchange student could be such a wonderful experience. Since coming to AIU my life has been very different but in the best way possible! I think coming to AIU was a great choice for me, I’m very lucky to be a part of the community at this university.

Making Many Friends from Different Countries

AIU Festival babahera ice cream and AIU supporters group Akita International University

AIU Festival: Enjoying babahera, an Akita ice cream treat, with a friend from the US, and working at a food booth with the AIU Supporter's Group

This is my first time studying abroad. I have learned about different cultures, languages, etc. What’s the best part? I have met a lot of friends at AIU. We cook, study, and enjoy participating in various clubs together.

Furthermore, participating in RCOS’s (Research and Community Outreach Services) activities is a wonderful memory for me. During the activities, I not only get to speak with local students in English and introduce my own culture, but I also get to share with other international students. RCOS has given me the opportunity to expand my understanding of what life and school are like in Japan.

Improving my Japanese Language Skills

Akita International University Japanese Art and Nature Themed House international students with yakiimo

Learning how to cook sweet potatoes with the Japanese Culture and Nature Themed House

AIU is a really good environment for studying. Students can study in the beautifully constructed library or outside surrounded by cedar trees. When I feel tired, I sometimes go on a walk with my friends in the park, which just across the street from campus. Additionally, my professors at AIU are really nice and skilled at teaching. In particular, the intensive Japanese lessons for international students have been extremely beneficial for me. I also have numerous opportunities to practice Japanese with my Japanese friends, they directly correct my pronunciation and grammar. Thus, my Japanese has improved a lot during these months.

New Perspectives on Life and Future

Akita International University Oga Bus Trip Namahage

Visiting Oga City and the Namahage Museum on a university bus trip.

There are many activities at AIU, which can lead students to experience life from a new perspective. For example, I got to go on bus trips to Kakunodate and Oga, both places were incredible!

These opportunities allow students to experience the other amazing nature and culture in Akita. After coming to AIU, my perspectives have changed. The courses are so different from my school and students’ attitude towards life influenced me significantly. The way I thought before was too narrow. I have learned that I cannot limit myself. The world is so big; we have to seize the chance to experience this world. AIU is really a good place whether you are studying or experiencing life!