Student Voice

2019.07.15Student Voice

Unexpected Experiences: Lin Chuxuan, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Lin Chuxuan, center, preparing for the Fox Festival with members of the Nihongo House

Nihongo House Events: Fox Festival

I am living in Nihongo House and Nihongo House has various events including big events and every week’s small events.

My favorite and also the most impressive experience in AIU so far is to get the chance to join the traditional Fox Festival in Akita city. That was my first time to wear a kimono and join the queue to go around the city center with all the drums, music and young girls dancing Japanese traditional dances. I was so excited to get that close to traditional Japanese culture, I think it is the kind of experience that would never be possible for normal tourists. And I like it very much. After the Fox festival, we went to the dinner and there was a geisha performance, which was also completely new for me, as well as traditional Japanese food.

The experience really helped me to understand Japanese culture and experience it directly by myself, including how they eat, how they drink sake all these kinds of small things. This event is so special and so Japanese. I think I will never forget it for my whole life.

Favorite Class

My favorite class at AIU is MBA Essentials. The professor is one of the best teachers I have met in my whole life. His class is interesting, with a lot of examples related to students or his own experience. One of the most impressive experiences I had was that on the first class, he spent 40 minutes or so to let us have a game in order to guide us about leadership’s true meaning.

Another thing is that he can really explain things in a clear and interesting way that doesn’t make students get bored. Unlike some of my classes, where the professor just keep talking about slides full of key points, this sensei's PowerPoint has a lot graphs and pictures he made by himself, helping students to understand the contents of class more directly.

Instead of saying it is my favorite class, I would say that this professor made me fall in love with this subject. I have never truly considered about reading MBA as my master degree before, but after listening to his class I am really thinking that MBA is an interesting thing I want to learn more about. And hearing his class makes me feels like I really want to be his student for a longer time, I will also recommend other students to attend his class if they get the chance.

Campus Life

Living in AIU has been quite a happy experience for me. After spending the past several months here, I wish I could stay longer in AIU. The thing I love most about Akita and AIU is the sky, it’s so strange that every time when I saw the sky here in Akita I feel freedom and happiness.

Regarding the dormitory and canteen, the food is quite good, I am satisfied with the dormitory. The library is definitely my favorite place, it’s the most gorgeous library I have ever seen. The classroom and teaching building are also quite new and makes students feel bright and beautiful. The only bad thing I would say is the transportation is not that convenient.