Student Voice

2019.09.02Student Voice

Finding Happiness in Little Things: Justina Pukelyte, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Rice Planting with local farmers

Coming to Japan for my study abroad was a massive leap out of my comfort zone. But staying at AIU has exceeded all of my expectations in the best way possible.

Campus environment and community

If you’re not afraid to take the first step, an international community indeed is awaiting. Everyone’s eager to learn more while sharing their own experiences, culture, and opinions. Compared to other universities, there’s a sense of closeness in AIU. It has helped me to interact with a handful of amazing people, many of whom I now consider my close friends.

Beautiful nature surrounds the campus. It provides a perfect study environment as well. It’s almost a delight to work on assignments, be it outside on a bench under a pine tree or in one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen.

My recommendation for future students: don’t be afraid to join a club! AIU offers a wide variety of clubs. Many of them offer activities that you probably wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere (and people you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise).

Experiencing true Japan

Take the opportunity to experience the local culture. AIU is a bit further from the city, that’s true – but it provides plenty of chances to get involved in unique activities both inside and outside the campus. One of my favorite memories from studying abroad in AIU is joining an RCOS activity such as planting rice along with the local people. Not only did we get to learn how to do it correctly, but we also had the pleasure of hearing about the history and importance of rice in Akita while interacting with the residents. There’s a lot of local festivals & holidays, shrines & temples, food & traditions in Akita that one can immerse in and experience for themselves.

I’m happy I chose AIU and got to experience a whole new side of Japan that was unknown to me. Seize the moment!

Under the Cherry Blossom Tree on campus