Student Voice

2019.09.09Student Voice

AIU reflections-Campus life, cultural activities and incredib;e teachers: Raymond Walker, University of Sunshine Coast, Australia

Raymond during a trip to Oga Penninsula

I am writing about my AIU experience with under a week left before I leave Akita and reflecting on my experience.  I am so happy that I came to AIU but so sad that I will be leaving so soon.

I’ll be straight – Akita is no Tokyo. And nor are both places comparable. They are both places with their unique historical and cultural significance. They both offer completely different things.

Cultural Experience

But in Akita, you get a more authentic cultural experience. There are several cultural experiences that you can join and meet incredible people. I joined the Kanto club or the Yatose club at AIU and participated in RCOS outreach activities (I’ve learned so much about Akita with these community outreach activities!). I also attended AIU trips, rice planting, and attending annually-held festivals in Akita city (the food at these festivals is incredible).

Performing in the Yatose Festival as part of the AIU Yatose Club

And Akita is beautiful and quiet. I remember flying into Akita Airport and being amazed by how green Akita is. While AIU is a little way out of the city, it’s a perfect place to learn, to study, and to make international friends. I have loved studying in the Nakajima Library (rated one of the best libraries in Japan!) and making friends from Japan, and all over the world.

Classes at AIU

Also, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the classes here at AIU. My two favorite classes at AIU are my Japanese language class and International Relations class. Both classes are taught by excellent teachers.

My Japanese language teacher uses innovative teaching methods to help students write, speak, and read Japanese. I’ve made significant progress on my Japanese language skills here at AIU. This would not have occurred if it wasn’t for the great language-learning environment at AIU and the dedication and constant encouragement from my teacher. This class was also small, so there were more opportunities to practice speaking. All the students in my class had a fun time learning Japanese.

My International Relations Professor has been one of the best teachers I’ve had. The Professor teaches in a way that makes the subject extremely interesting. Each class is taught in an inquiry-based approach, and this makes it interesting to learn more about the topic.  The Professor also teaches this class in a way that promotes the development of critical thinking skills – seeing a particular issue from multiple perspectives.

In summary, I have loved every moment of my student life at AIU. There are always things to do, it’s a wonderful close international community, and it’s a great place to learn. I’m very sad that I will be leaving this amazing community soon, but so happy that I made these amazing memories and that I selected AIU over a bigger city university.