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2021.04.05AIU Voices

Communication through Badminton!-Kana Kogahara, Sophomore

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Here's a message from the head of the Badminton Club, Kana Kogahara.

A group photo after a practice


Hello, I’m Kana Kogahara, a sophomore student from the AIU Badminton Club!

AIU Badminton Club is an AIU official club that aims to have fun playing badminton.

In the usual situation, we have badminton practices about twice a week at Suda Hall. In the Fall 2019 semester, there were about 15 Japanese degree-seeking students and 10 international students in our club. The practices are conducted in both English and Japanese. Also, more than half of the club members start playing badminton after they entered AIU. You can borrow a racket and shuttlecocks, so you only need to prepare gym shoes.

There are other things that you can do in our club, such as a welcoming party and holding a food stand at the AIU Festival. During the previous AIU Festival, we prepared and had a gyoza (dumpling)stand. In Japan, the pan-fried gyoza is common. Japanese sometimes call it “Hanetsuki gyoza (羽付き餃子)”, which literally means gyoza with wings as the upper side of gyoza looks like wings. At the same time, badminton is sometimes described by the Chinese character as “ukyu (羽球)”, which means feather ball. That wordplay is the reason why we hold a gyoza stand at the festival. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a food stand this year, but I hope we can have it at the future AIU Festival.

Preparation for the gyoza stand at the AIU Festival 2019


Due to this severe situation, we don’t have any in-person activities this year. We, however, have a zoom meeting once a month. Club members from first year students to final year students enjoy casual conversation every time.

I often think of all the fun activities we could do during the last year and how we enjoyed having communication with badminton club members. I really look forward to seeing new friends on campus and playing badminton with them one day.


Having BBQ as the welcoming party


*The information in this article is based on the Fall 2020 club activities.