Research Projects in 2015

Mission1: Enriching Asian Regional Studies

Pursue regional studies in Asia and the Russian Far East and assess in the context of Asia at large local issues of increasing importance such as archaeological preservation and demographic change.

  1. 1) Project of the local government of Akita prefecture; “Akita’s young businessmen visit Russia for the business challenge”, which was attended and supported by IASRC including a lecture on the latest situation of Russia prior to the visit.
  2. 2) Cultural Heritage Tourism Project

Mission2: Promotion of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Enhance collaboration with research institutes and governmental organs in Akita, Japan, and the world, so as to enrich the institute’s research activities and strengthen AIU’s global network of research and educational cooperation.

  1. 1) Cooperation Agreement with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
  2. 2) Academic and Educational Exchanges with Russian Universities
  3. 3) 2nd conference in Yanbian for Japan-China-Russian trilateral state-regional economic exchanges
  4. 4) Cultural Heritage Studies

Mission3: Local Contribution and Policy Proposals

Based on research outcomes obtained from Missions1 and 2, the institute will make policy proposals on international strategies as well as social and economic revitalization of Akita in close cooperation and coordination with local actors.

  1. 1) IASRC Project Grants
  2. 2) A symposium “The stories of Akita’s Sake brewing~External strategy of Bishu-Ohkoku~” to commemorate the publication of Japanese edition of “Bishu-Ohkoku Akita”「美酒王国秋田」was held on October 3, 2015. IASRC have delivered this guidebook to 100 overseas Japanese restaurants to support the sales promotion of Japanese Sake brewed in Akita. (A future plan of the publication of “Akita Sake breweries and their stories” as an English version of “Bishu-Ohkoku Akita”)
  3. 3) Tourism Information Project on Cultural Heritage in Akita Prefecture
  4. 4) Preservation and Utilization of Archaeological Heritage
  5. 5) Souvenirs development project of Akita city
  6. 6) Journal of the Institute for Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration (IASRC)