International Collaboration Project

Since being chosen as one of the recipients of the Global 30 (Re-Inventing Japan Project) subsidies in the fiscal year 2011, Akita International University has been actively engaged in the International Collaboration Project (ICP).

ICP consists of two key components, which are the implementation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the construction of Japan-U.S. Faculty Collaboration Arena (FCA). It is a series of projects that allow students to acquire fundamental abilities that are essential for them to become effective leaders in global society, i.e., negotiation/coordination and analytical skills, adaptability, cooperativeness, etc., through participation in collaborative project-based learning with overseas partner universities, where diverse values and opinions coexist.

On this website, we will be disseminating information on the ICP activities.

Information on the outline of ICP, Program Objective, Publication of the Results is available here.

Information on courses offered as part of the Japan-U.S. Collaboration PBL is available here.

Information on the activities of Japan-U.S. FCA is available here.
Information on the Re-Inventing Japan Project is available here.