Outline of Commemorative Events and Initiatives

Logo mark

The “1” in the AIU 10th Anniversary Logo represents “only one” and “number one”. The “0” represents the world and its continents, and when combined, they symbolize AIU’s global reach from Akita to the world. The blue shadow below the “0” further emphasizes AIU’s global focus.


Students who successfully completed AIU’s strict curriculum will spread their wings in global society as “human resources who can play an active role in the world stage”.
The late president Nakajima’s autograph was accompanied by a brief message, “to have ambition and be ready to face many hurdles while at AIU”.

In April 2014, the University will host the following events and implement the following initiatives to mark the 10th anniversary of its founding.

(1) Formulation of Akita International University’s long term vision
The University will formulate and announce a vision that indicates its aims for the coming 10 year period.
(2) Commemorative ceremony
The University will hold a commemorative ceremony in its Multi-Purpose Hall to mark its 10th anniversary.
(3) Commendation event for Dr. Nakajima
The University will bestow the title of Honorary President on Dr. Nakajima, conduct naming of its facilities, and hold a commemorative exhibition.
(4) International symposium and seminar hosting
The University will invite lecturers operating at the forefront of their fields domestically and internationally to take part in an international symposium, seminar, and concert. During these events the University will disseminate information on its initiatives for developing global individuals.
(5) Construction of a commemorative monument
To commemorate its 10 year anniversary, the university will construct a monument as a symbol of its development.
(6) Commemorative journal
The University will publish a commemorative journal that tracks the progress during the 10 year period since the founding of the institution and contains essays in memory of Dr. Nakajima.
(7) Expansion of the scholarship system
The university will expand its scholarship system for both Japanese and overseas students in order to continue and develop its overseas university student exchange system.
(8) Promotion of exchange with alumni
To promote exchange with alumni, the University will offer a series of “career lectures” for undergraduate students delivered by alumni, “commemorative lectures for alumni” during the University Festival Homecoming, and “faculty-alumni sessions”.
(9) Maintenance and improvement of University campus
In addition to commemorative planting activities cosponsored by the AKITA America-Japan Society, the University will maintain and improve its campus environment.
(10) Career support project
The university will support the career development of its students by establishing partner endowed courses, enhance company information sessions, and support student gap year activities.
(11) Support project for student activities within Akita Prefecture
The university aims to play an important role in local society by supporting student activities that contribute to the local community.

In addition, we welcome inquiries for establishing partner endowed courses and a fee exemption system prefixed by the name of a corporation or organization.

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