Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in the operations of Akita International University.
On April 8, 2014, the University will celebrate its 10th anniversary since its founding in 2004.

Based on the new educational concept of an “international liberal arts”, we are committed to nurturing internationally successful individuals through our unique education system of lectures held all in English and a compulsory one year study abroad, the first of its kind in Japan

As the University gained prominence and recognition throughout Japan, our then President Dr. Mineo Nakajima passed away suddenly in February 2013. Dr. Nakajima not only played an instrumental role in founding the University but also contributed to the overall development of higher education in Japan. His loss dealt a major blow both within the University and in wider educational circles. However, your support and the cooperation of our faculty and students have enabled us to surmount this difficulty, and we are now engaged in designing a new university vision for the coming 10 years.

In light of the current situation, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to those who have supported the university. Our aim is to further develop as an institution that imparts an international liberal arts education, play a leading role in the cultivation of globally successful individuals from Japan, and contribute to local and regional communities. To achieve these goals, we plan to incorporate the formulation of a long-term vision, and the hosting of an international symposium, commemorative ceremony, and commendation event for Dr. Nakajima into our 10th anniversary commemorative events.

Therefore, we will establish a committee dedicated to organizing these events and to conduct fundraising activities based on predetermined monetary targets.

In order for Akita International University to achieve further development in the future, we sincerely ask for your approval of the 10th anniversary commemorative events and initiatives and for your support in our fundraising activities.

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In order to survive in the rapidly globalizing twenty-first century, Japan must nurture individuals who can operate successfully on an international level. The issue of educating “global individuals” has undoubtedly become a crucial challenge for our country. However, I believe that only a small number of universities have achieved tangible success in this area.

I have been involved in Akita International University since its conception 10 years ago based on the founding principle of nurturing internationally successful individuals. Since then the university has continued to produce such individuals in response to the requirements of Japan and Japanese society.

The university, which was largely unknown in its early days, grew into an institution recognized throughout Japan within a period of merely 10 years, owing to the persistent efforts of its faculty members, students, and graduates. However, as universities across Japan begin to invest more effort into providing a global education, it will be difficult to continue to make our presence felt in the future by simply maintaining the current conditions.

In order for Akita International University to continue to lead in the international liberal arts education in Japan and grow as a globally recognized institution the university must further improve the quality of its education and demonstrate educational standards and content on par with leading universities around the world. To achieve this objective, in addition to the support of national and prefectural governments, the University requires the understanding and support of a wide range of stakeholders, including faculty members, students, parents, alumni, corporations and the residents of Akita Prefecture.

We sincerely hope for your warm support and cooperation in our 10th anniversary commemorative events and initiatives, which will enable us to further develop as a leading university for a borderless society, where young gifted individuals of various nationalities can gather in Akita and disseminate information to the world.

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