~インタビュー~ Mary Frances Agnello先生

今回は、英語集中プログラム(EAP)に9月から所属のMary Frances Agnello先生にお話を伺いました。秋田に来てからまだ日が浅いそうですが、日本語や秋田の有名なところに興味があるそうで、インタビューに応じてくださいました。




Where are you from



I was born in Houston, Texas, USA and grew up on a farm outside of Houston in ?an area known as Stafford. ■


What was your major


I graduated from The University of Texas with my Bachelor’s degree and received two advanced degrees from Texas A & M University.

When I was an undergraduate student, I studied French and government and teaching certification. I studied language literacy and culture for my masters and doctorate. I did a lot of work in foundations of education as well as English language learning. I have mainly been doing educator preparation and teaching masters and doctoral students at several universities for more than 18 years. I taught English and several other subjects in high schools in Texas for 7 years.




Do you speak Japanese


No, but I am trying to learn Japanese. I am looking for a teacher who can teach me Japanese. I speak French, Italian and Spanish, but I think that Japanese is very different compared to the Romance languages.



What was your first impression of AIU


AIU is very green, beautiful and has a lovely campus and wonderful students. My first visit to Akita was in May 2014, for the interview. I also attended a conference in June. Since I have lived in Akita for a short time, I am not familiar with the area, but I am interested in Onsen and the coast. Also, when I have time, I would like to visit Kyoto, Okinawa and many places that people talk about.



Why did you choose AIU


I wanted to do the something different than what I was doing in Texas. One of my colleagues told me about an academic position call for applicants at AIU, so I decided to come. I have been teaching at high schools and universities for a long time and I wanted to create a new horizon, pursue a new goal and teach in ways that inform my research in language, literacy, and culture. I love languages, so I would like to learn a new culture and experience a new life here.



What are your hobbies


My hobbies are reading, gardening, art and listening to all kinds of music. At the beginning of September, I went to Yamagata for a bus trip with AIU students and I heard Yamagata’s traditional music and I loved it.



Do you have any messages for AIU students


Please be proud of yourself that you are Japanese, never underestimate who you are or what your country represents and be proud of yourself when you speak English. Also, please try to find the opportunity to talk to other English speakers.