Signing Ceremony

Conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement between

AIU and Akita Board of Education

On June 10, 2014, AIU held a Signing Ceremony at the Cafeteria Annex to commemorate a Cooperation Agreement with the Akita Board of Education in the presence of Mr. Susumu Yoneta, Chair of the Board of Education and Dr. Norihiko Suzuki, Board of AIU Chair.

This agreement will aim to enhance the relationship and cooperation between AIU and the Akita Board of Education for educational and human resource development in Akita Prefecture by mutually utilizing educational functions in close coordination among a wide range of areas.

Hereafter, we will strengthen cooperation with each other to 1) promote and improve educational activities and deal with various issues relating to education; 2) enhance qualifications and abilities of teachers; 3) contribute to education support and student activities.

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Signing Ceremony