About AIU



In this age of globalization, where multifaceted exchanges are ever increasing across national borders, we need to mutually accept different worldviews and value systems, work together to solve various issues, and have the strength to pioneer new paths to the future.

With this understanding, Akita International University, through its distinct International Liberal Arts approach, strives to help students acquire superior communication skills in English and other languages and provides them with a rich and holistic education. With a strong commitment to nurture students with practical expertise and specialist knowledge born of a global perspective, it is our mission to foster individuals who will contribute significantly to the international and local communities.

Future Students

At Akita International University, we want students who share our philosophy:

  • Students with a strong desire to learn and a keen awareness of global issues
  • Students with practical command over other languages (especially English), who can play their part on the international stage, and who aspire to gain well-rounded education
  • Students with an inquisitive mind and a keen interest in the various cultures, languages, histories, and societies of the world, as well as in topics related to international relations such as economy and environment